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Inspired by nature, enabled by technology and actioned by travel.

Travel is the great educator, it exposes you to reality. You can look at as many photographs of a Landscape as you like but nothing replaces actually being there, feeling it, smelling it and touching it.

We have been fortunate to experience the wonder of travel which has in turn fanned the flame of our photographic passion resulting in the establishment of Scenic Rim Photography.


The collection is now huge and I confess to manageing it poorly, so time for some housekeeping. I am going to put up new galleries for your viewing. Click on the Galleries below. 






SuperTest at The Bend 


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A window to the Flinders Ranges 

Thanks to Edeowie Station a great spot to camp. 








United States Tour 2018 




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The one that got away.

After days of fruitless searching for bear and moose we came across this one rapidly dis-appearing into forest.

Three car loads of photographers and the best we could come up with was a couple of out of focus snaps!

Oh well. 









Cazneaux Tree. Flinders Ranges. South Australia.




Image No: HP 1 917

A famous tree in the Flinders Ranges





HP 2 917
Emus bathing in the Flinders Ranges 








MERINO COUNTRY Pure Wool apparel, grown in Australia, manufactured in Australia...

and damned proud of it !




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 Canvases also available. Contact us for High Quality and competitive pricing.


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No, its not a self portrait.

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